Chivalry, Cheating, and 2nd Chance - Lesson Learned from The Intern Movie

Oftentimes people do not realize what they have is the best there is until it is broken.

A Baby boomer works with a Millennial. The 70-year-old widower Ben Whittaker (Robert De Niro) became a senior intern assigned as personal assistant to online fashion internet start-up founder Jules Ostin (Anne Hathaway).

Even though “The Intern” is not a true story the theme centers on real relationships between people.   

First, the successful Millennial Jules who portrays the busyness of a strong business woman would shun Ben, a senior citizen who has the knowledge and wisdom of the older generation.  Ben’s gained Jules trust by his display of chivalry: being gentleman and honest, always ready to help, and able to protect and provide comfort. Today's men should be chivalrous regardless of what the society dictates.  Chivalry was attributed to an ideal knight who bring a handkerchief (that’s that square piece of cloth if you are a Kleenex or paper towel generation.)  The handkerchief is not for the knight; it is for the women who get hurt or cry.   Men, do you want to be called a “My Knight in shining armor”?  It’s really corny, but if you get the compliment, you know you are trusted and loved.

Second.  Our economy tends to push husband and wife to work and build their careers.  With children in the family, and with the intentions to do best for the kids, one of the parent will give way to the spouse who earns more or has the potentials to succeed.   Jules husband, Matt (Anders Holm), gave up his own career to be a stay-at-home dad to their daughter, Paige (JoJo Kushner). Jules’ long hours at work was affecting her marriage up to the point that Matt cheated, and that was very cold. Jules portrays a strong woman in the outside, but really hurting in the inside. If separation happens, “Who will love me again?” This is a dilemma of a woman, and it’s amplified if she is a successful career or business woman.  It’s lonely out there without any lover. However, women will bear the pain if men will not reconcile.

Lastly. Oftentimes people do not realize what they have is the best there is until it’s broken.  Yes! when you are hurt, it’s not easy to forgive.  Yes! when you are guilty, it’s difficult to be humble.   But, life is about 2nd chance.   So yes, have humility to ask forgiveness.  And yes, forgive.  Your action is good for the soul, and for the children who adore you both. Jules forgave Matt, and the friendly/fatherly Ben was somewhere in between for advice and guidance. 

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